Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Module


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This Ultrasonic sensor module operation range is 2 cm to 4 m for detection and ranging. The sensor module works with 5V supply. lots of free code available for interfacing with any microcontroller. This ultrasonic module can be used for distance measurement or object finding purpose. This compact and easy to use module works at 40KHz frequency, it has transmitter and receiver inbuilt. For long distance measurement range, 5V is boost up by MAX232 level converter.   

HC-SR04 Specifications

  • Working Voltage: DC 5V
  • Working Current: 15mA
  • Working Frequency: 40KHz
  • Max Range: 4m
  • Min Range: 2cm
  • Measuring Angle: 15 degree
  • Trigger Input Signal: 10µS TTL pulse
  • Echo Output Signal: Input TTL lever signal

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