SL2.1A USB 2.0 4 Port HUB IC


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SL2.1A is a highly integrated, high performance, low power USB2.0 hub master chip; the chip adopt STT technology, single power supply mode; chip supply voltage is 5v, internal integration 5V to 3.3V, just adding a filter capacitor to the external power supply; the chip comes with a reset circuit, and the low-power technology makes it even better. The chip can use an external crystal or a built-in crystal. If you use the built-in crystal, you need ground the XI input of the chip.

● Perfect support for USB2.0 high speed (480MHz), USB2.0 full speed (12MHz), and low speed mode (1.5MHz)

● Integrated 12M crystal oscillator

● Integrated 12MHz-to-480MHz PPL (Phase Lock Loop)

● Single Transaction Translator (STT) technology is the most cost-effective solution in the *TT series

● Support automatic self-powered to bus-powered automatic enumeration switching

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