nRF24L01 – 2.4GHz ISM Band Wireless Transceiver Module


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ISM Band  2.4GHz wireless RF transceiver modules, Based on nRF24L01+  version chip. Nordic Semiconductor made this an improved version of nRF24L01. It has many new features such as extra pipelines, buffers. This is an improved but backward Compatible with the original nRF24L01 module. This chip consumes ultra low power and can run months or year with coin cell like CR2032. This module comes with on board PCB trace antenna. This module utilizes free to use 2.4GHz ISM band frequency. Range of this product is 100 meters. 

  • 2Mbit/s, 1Mbit/s, 250Kbit/s, three selectable transmission rate.
  • 2 Mbit/s make high-quality VoIP is possible.
  • 5V tolerance level inputs.
  • Digital SPI interface with MCU.
  • Power-down mode, power consumption is 400nA.
  • Standby mode, power consumption is 32uA.
  • 130us fast switching and wake time.
  • Built-in PCB trace antenna.
  • Low operating voltage: 1.9-3.6V
  • Small size:15X29mm.

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