N76E003 Mini Development Board


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N76E003 is another price-effective 8051 core MCU from Nuvoton, similar to ST Micro  STM8S003, but cheaper and more goodies.

  • Lead out all pins
  • Micro USB Power supply
  • On board P15 programmable IO LED.
  • On board power LED.
  • Two lead out UART interface, in which:
    • Main UART port can be used for serial ISP programming.
    • #UART is also is the ICP programming port, by NU-LINK
  • NO external crystal needed, if you got a board which have, probably wrong, because this one uses active crystal, most time can use internal crystal.
  • The batch on 2017 still have bug on ADC, please pay more attention when use this.
  • Pre-flashed with ISP LDROM bootloader, so you don’t need a special programming NU-LINK to get start, but can use a normal USB-TTL programmer like CP2102, CH340, PL2303, FT232 to upload code.
    • So total 18K Flash APROM turn to 4K LDROM (bootloader), 14K user application and data flash.
    • More config please Check Nuvoton website.
  • You can find official BSP code examples to get start quickly.

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