Bluetooth Module HC-05 Master-Slave


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This HC-05 Bluetooth module is a software configurable Master or Slave mode, which can be selected by simple AT commands. easy wireless connection for your embedded devices. easy programming, RX and TX lines are used for wireless communication between two devices.  

This module comes soldered on a base board with 3.3V regulator on board, module can be powered by 3.6V – 6V supply. RXD TXD pins are 3.3V level so connect MAX3232 for connecting it with PC serial port. Onboard LED is for status. Default Pairing password is 1234. for AT command and other information refer to HC-05 datasheet. On board reset key for hardware reset of the device.    


Product Specifications

  • Chipset CSR BC417143
  • Bluetooth version V2.0+EDR
  • Output power Class II
  • Flash 8Mbit
  • Power Supply 3.6V-6V
  • RXD and TXD are 3.3V level 


Bluetooth Module HC-05 AT Command set

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