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Atmel  89 Series Programmer. It uses 12V for programming the microcontroller memory, So you need transformer based power supply. Which can supply min 14V DC,  in case of AC Voltage should be 12-16V.
Atmel 89 Series Programmer  is Simple to use & low cost, yet powerful flash microcontroller programmer for Atmel (8051) AT89Cxx 40pin, AT89Cxxxx 20pin and AT89Sxx series devices. It will Program, Read and Verify Code Data, Write Lock Bits, Erase and Blank Check. All fuse and lock bits are programmable. This is parallel mode high voltage programmer. This programmer connects to a host computer using a standard RS232 serial port. All the programming ‘intelligence’ is built into the programmer firmware. So you do not need any special hardware to run it. Programmer comes with window based software for easy programming of the devices.

· Supports major Atmel 89 series devices
· Auto Identify connected hardware and devices
· Error checking and verification in-built
· Lock of programs in chip supported to prevent program copying
· 20 and 40 pin ZIF socket on-board
· Auto Erase before writing and Auto Verify after writing

Power Supply: 14-18V DC or 12-16V AC
Interface: RS-232, 9-pin D connector
Data Speed: 57600 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop, no flow control
File format: Intel 8-bit HEX
Program Sockets: 40 pin DIP  & 20 pin DIP  ZIF socket
Software: Works on Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP

Supported Devices:
AT89C51, AT89LV51, AT89C52, AT89LV52, AT8C55, AT89LV55,
AT89S51, AT89LS51, AT89S52, AT89LS52, AT89S53, AT89LS53,
AT89S8252, AT89LS8252, AT89C55WD, AT89C1051, AT89C2051, AT89C4051

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