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Arduino Leonardo board is a versatile and user-friendly development board. Designed for those who want to explore the world of electronics and programming. With its compact size and wide range of features, this board is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.
Atmega32U4 microcontroller powers Arduino Leonardo board. Which allows for easy integration and control of various electronic components. It has 20 digital input/output pins, of which 7 can be used as PWM outputs and 12 as analog inputs. This board also features a built-in USB communication interface, making it ideal for projects that require USB connectivity.
In addition, the Arduino Leonardo board supports the use of libraries and is compatible with the Arduino software, allowing users to develop and upload their own code in a hassle-free manner. Whether you are working on robotics, home automation, or other creative projects. It is here to empower your ideas and bring them to life.

The Leonardo differs from all preceding boards in that the ATmega32u4 has built-in USB communication. Eliminating the need for a secondary processor. This allows the Leonardo to appear to a connected computer as a mouse and keyboard. In addition to a virtual (CDC) serial / COM port. It also has other implications for the behaviour of the board.

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