A3144-Unipolar Hall effect switch


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OH3144 / A3144 Unipolar hall-effect sensor is a magnetic switch. OH3144 or A3144 which are alternative part from different manufacturer. This hall effect sensor just like an reed switch but more sensitive to magnetic flux and suitable for hares environment because of semiconductor type ceasing and no glass encapsulation. This type of unipolar hall effect sensor changes its state if one pole of magnet comes near it. It can accurately track extremely small changes in magnetic flux density even for those changes generally too small to operate hall-effect switches. As motion detectors, gear tooth sensors, and proximity detectors, they are magnetically driven mirrors of mechanical events. As sensitive monitors of electromagnets, they can effectively measure a system’s performance with negligible system loading while providing isolation from contaminated and electrically noisy environments. Each hall-effect integrated circuit includes a hall sensing element, linear amplifier, and emitter-follower output stage. Problems associated with handling tiny analog signals are minimized by having the hall cell and amplifier on a single chip. Three package styles provide a magnetically optimized package for most applications. 

. Extremely sensitive
. Open collector pre driver
. Low-noise output
. 4.5V to 24V operation
. Magnetically optimized package

Typical application 
. Motion detector
. Gear tooth sensors
. Proximity detector
. Velocity detecting of motor bicycle
. Current detecting sensor.


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